Classified Advertising Information

The Buyers Guide offers both FREE and PAID Classified Advertisement opportunities.

FREE Classified Ads are limited to 15 words per ad (no exceptions) and must include a price in the ad. Limit 2 free ads per week, per household. Ads are limited to one item or a group of items sold as a set. Ads over 15 words will be considered PAID ads and will be charged accordingly. Free Classified Ads must be of a personal nature. Collectibles and items sold “for profit” do not qualify as a Free Ad.

FREE Classified Ads will only be accepted via E-mail, Online Submission, Fax, mail-in or drop-off. Please include your phone number, name and full address when submitting ads. Free Classified Ads may be taken over the phone, with a $5 phone-in fee       304-267-9983. Fax: 304-263-7106.

PAID Classified Ads start at 25 words per ad, with extra words at additional costs. Paid ad rates apply to any (for profit) business, service or individual; including, but not limited to Employment, Real Estate, Recreational Vehicles, Fundraiser/Paid Events, Yard Sales, Collectibles, Farm & Equipment, Pets For Sale, Pet Services, and all Service related advertisements. If you need assistance with placing your paid classified ad, please contact one of our Classified Ad Representatives at 304-267-9983 or email, Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm.

Downloadable Classified Forms (Use for Fax, snail mail or drop-offs)

Discounts AvailablePlease call our Classified Department for more information on our discounts
(4) Four consecutive Issues
(8) Eight consecutive Issues
(26) Twenty Six or more consecutive Issues
FREE Classified Ads
Private Party
Up to 15 words (no exceptions), must include price in the ad.
Limited to 1 item or a group of items sold as a set.
(Free ads MUST be noncommercial in nature. All free ads run "space available".)
Paid Ads
Paid Classified Ad
Up to 25 words
Each additional word
Community News
Paid Community News
Up to 50 words
Each additional word
(Includes ,12 Point headline - Maximum of 3 lines)
Free Community News
Up to 50 words
Each additional word
(No headlines allowed. Fundraisers, fee/charged events are considered Paid Community News)
Run 13 weeks - AutomotiveUp to 25 words, must include price in ad
Limited to 1 item
Each additional word
Yard Sales
Yard Sale Ad
Up to 30 words. Purchase Rain Insurance, Signs, Posts, and Pricing Stickers, for an additional $4.00
*Call by 12pm Monday to schedule re-run
Additions AvailableBold Entire Ad
12 Point Headline (Helvetica, Centered)
3 Point Border
Large Text Ad (12 Point Helvetica Bold - Maximum 25 words)

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