How nutritionists stay healthy on vacation

(BPT) – Vacations are those precious moments when we all love to indulge ourselves — be it a lazy day reading in the park, that extra bit of shopping and yes, that big, gooey slice of chocolate cake. “I’m on vacation” seems to be the mantra and excuse behind any extra indulgence on our days off. While it’s good to take a break, over indulging during vacations can rapidly undo all the hard work we put in year-round to stay in shape.

To make staying healthy during vacations easier, four top nutritionists and Registered Dieticians present their tried and tested expert tips and tricks to enjoy vacation and avoid the added guilt.

Share the love and the treats family style:

Hope Warshaw, Registered Dietician and the author of “Eat Out Eat Well – The Guide to Healthy Eating in Any Restaurant,” advises on the art of ordering food during vacations. “My family orders restaurant meals by consensus and shares. A key tip to keep in mind is to select fewer entrees than eaters to limit the amount of food at the table. We then enjoy meals a la family style, get a nice variety to try, save money and waste less food,” Warshaw says. She also suggests not to end each meal with dessert and to order dessert only when you know it will be delectable and worth every single calorie.

Keep the blood pumping:

Nutritionists, personal trainers and authors, Tammy Lakatos-Shames and Lyssie Lakatos, founders of the popular health and fitness website, The Nutrition Twins, say they love to start their mornings with this delicious, refreshing and energizing pre-workout Cocoa Burst Smoothie. “It’s just the boost we need to help kick us into action because it’s a cool burst of bananas, cinnamon and cocoa extract supplement, to rev our workout,” says Lakatos-Shames. “The hydrating effect and the banana provides energy-revving carbohydrates and potassium to aid in fluid balance and for preventing cramps; the protein in the Greek yogurt helps to stabilize blood sugar and the CocoaVia supplement provides cocoa flavanols that help deliver oxygen and nutrients to our hearts.” In addition, cocoa flavanols work to maintain nitric oxide, a molecule naturally produced in the body that supports the flow of blood from head to toe. “Not only do our hearts rely on a healthy circulatory system, but exercise performance can be optimized when our blood is flowing properly,” adds Lakatos.

Everything in moderation

Peggy O’Shea Kochenbach, a Registered Dietician, suggests keeping the treats under control on vacation. This doesn’t mean you deprive yourself of special foods or food experiences, but try to keep your splurges to no more than one daily, and pick the better menu choices the rest of the day. Kochenbach says staying active — be it a swim, a bike ride or a brisk walk — helps to offset calorie intake. “Take the ‘more matters’ message along with you,” she says. “Make an effort to get at least five fruits and veggies every day, even on vacation. Meals will be more satisfying, you’ll get your vitamins and minerals and the fruits and veggies will help to manage calorie intake and keep you on the right track.”

Eat healthy like a local:

According to Sheila Weiss, Registered Dietician and nutrition educator, one of the best parts of travel is experiencing the local cuisine. “When we travel as a family, we try to keep breakfast and lunch simple as we would at home, then at dinner, we make it a point to sample the local delicacies and enjoy foods that we would not typically eat at home. That is our splurge,” she says. Weiss also suggests including healthy options such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins, while still enjoying the unique flavors of the region you’re vacationing in. “Finally, if we are still hungry, we share a dessert, instead of each getting one,” she says.

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