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I would like to Thank You for the good advertising that the Buyers Guide provided my business. I have been told the quality and placement of the advertisement is the reason I have received the business that I have. My success is due tot he quality of the response to my ad not he quantity. Because of this fact I believe that my business will be a success and I am still in my first year of operation. Not only professional workmanship is a guarantee that my company provides but at an honest price, all new work is welcomed.

I wish everyone a prosperous New Year.

Blue Herron Electricians, LLC

Thank you so much for all of your help with advertising done in preparation for our recent seminar in Berkeley Springs. The Buyers Guide front page ad was great, and your willingness to coordinate with the other publications was a huge help. It is always a pleasure to work with someone like you who “goes the extra mile.”

Please accept this expression of appreciation from everyone here at Audiology Hearing Care Services, Inc.

Mary Lynn Marquette, Au.D.
Audiology Hearing Care

We wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with the advertisements that ran in the Buyers Guide for October, “AIDS Awareness Month”, especially, the full-page ad. Please convey our thanks to the graphics department in reproducing Lacey’s poster. We have received numerous phone requests for HIV testing during the month in direct response to your publications, which was the goad of our advertising for the month.

Once again, we really appreciated your assistance and anticipate working on the next social marketing campaign with you for World AIDS Day. We wish you continued success in your chosen field and on a personal note, we on the Management Team of Professional Business Women are glad that you decided to join with us!

Judith A. Friend, Ph.D.
Aids Network

I know in this busy world we hardly have time to express our feelings for what others do for us. Sometimes we send a quick e-mail of thanks or a pre-written card and then go on about our business. Time is such a luxury and we all must use it wisely, so today I would like to step back and devote time to express my gratitude to you and Buyers Guide and what you and your employees stand for. For many years I have read your fine publication, used your adds, found things for my family, took the time to place an add and even recycled all the copies I have received. I receive such friendly voices when I call to ask even the most simplest questions and I have even asked for donations tot he little events I hold dear to my heart.

I am a local author/writer/poet and have been trying to help our community by reading to our local children in the schools. I try to sponsor events for local authors in our businesses in town and support our seniors at the Berkeley Senior Center. I work to bring reading to all I can and was honored to be selected as an author for West Virginia this weekend at the WV Book faire. Now I don’t get the headlines nor do I care to be a star. I battled cancer and spent so much time on the second floor of City Hospital it almost became my second home in 2004 and 2005. I am not very wealthy but give of my time and what I can to help others in our area. So, when you gave me your things like coffee mugs, notepads, etc. I was so happy to be able to have someone sponsor me in this event. I honor you by passing along these items to our community and wanted to say thank you Tom for making my book signing just a little extra special at the 365 Blue House this weekend.

Ms. Mona R. Adams
WV Book Fair

I want to personally thank you for assisting me with advertising my new business. (Curves of Falling Waters) I enjoy working with you. You’re very pleasant and always eager to assist. I’ve had more response with advertising in the Buyers Guide then any other advertising I’ve done so far. I’ve previously advertised with the Herald Mail and Journal and received very little response. Another business owner advised me to use the Buyers Guide which lead me to you.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Cathy Watkins

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